Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Spicy pepper milk

Yesterday i had severe cough and unable to sleep.Due to coughing i got headache too.i applied vicks vaporub on neck,then tried some cloves but,no use. i was tossing in bed restlessly.then i remembered the Pepper milk.
It is an ancient receipe.so i got up from bed a took out the milk jar from fridge and boiled it.first time i was trying that one so i have no idea whether i can add sugar or not.i felt sugar may reduce its medicinal value so i just added a pinch of turmeric and crushed pepper and tasted it.
Ahhhh...it was so spicy without sugar so i add some sugar and gulped off the milk.What a magic???
Within minutes i slept off & my cough vanished...
So here is the magic Recipe for all of you...

Milk : 1 Glass
Sugar : 1 Tbsp
Turmeric Powder : 1 Pinch
Pepper corns : 4 - 5

Boil milk and transfer into a glass.Add sugar,a pinch of turmeric powder.then crush pepper corns and add the powder to the milk and stir with a spoon and serve.


you can add a dash of honey to this magic recipe

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