Friday, September 9, 2011

Fruity Mazaa

Wish you all happy Onam...

Onam Special dessert.


Milk - 1 litres
Sugar - 1 cup
Custard powder - 6 tsps
Jelly - packs (3 different flavours)
Chopped Apple - 2
Chopped Mango - 1
Chopped Banana - 3
Chopped Guava - 3
Strawberry slices - 1/4 cup
Kiwi slices - 1/4 cup (optional)
Sponge cake - 1


Boil water and add jelly crystals.mix well and pour it in a bowl and refridgerate till it sets firm.Repeat the process for other flavors too.Now Boil the milk adding sugar.Mix the custard powder in a small bowl with a little milk and stir it into the boiling milk.Keep stirring to avoid lumps.Now cut cake into small cubes and keep aside.cut jelly into cubes and keep aside.Now in a dish place the fruits on the bottom,then place cake pieces on the fruits layer.then place jelly pieces and pour custard mixture over it.Repeat the process and refridgerate till serving time.garnish with strawberries and kiwi.Serve Chilled Fruity Mazaa.

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